Candy empire heiress Dare O’Day has never done a reckless thing in her life. Or so her Version 2.0 hippie daughter Caroline believes. Talbots-clad Dare lives quietly in quaint Foxfield, VA, where she is features editor of the local paper. Caroline, her twenty-seven-year-old daughter lives in intentional community with other professional Millennials in Topanga Canyon, CA, composting, and chasing chickens, when she isn’t working remotely as a French-to-English translator. Caroline, reared by emotionally distant Dare, and who consequently never wanted to be a mother herself, has just learned that she is pregnant and believes the last person’s support she needs is Dare’s.

When Dare is involved in a scandal that rocks her community, she needs to get out of town fast. Acting on a hunch that it could be her last chance to forge an authentic and loving relationship with her daughter, she and her one-eared rescue dog head for Caroline’s “Crewtopia.” Despite their differences, Dare and Caroline manage to confront a lifetime of family secrets and misunderstandings. Dare eventually adapts to and even embraces the wildness of Caroline’s world, while at the same time reconnecting with her first love, whom she hasn’t seen in thirty-four years. Ultimately, Dare and Caroline learn that a loving and supportive relationship between mothers and daughters has the power to influence generations to come and is the strongest and most important bond of all.