sunflower-3550693_1920-1Topanga Canyon

Prim and proper candy heiress Dare O’Day has never done a reckless thing in her life. Or so her estranged hippie Version 2.0 daughter Caroline believes.
Forty-five-year-old candy company heiress Dare O’Day lives in quaint Foxfield, VA, where she is features editor of the local paper. Her twenty-seven-year-old daughter Caroline, a French-to-English translator, who lives in intentional community with other Millennials in Topanga Canyon, CA, believes she doesn’t need her mother. When Dare is involved in a scandal that rocks her community, she gets out of town fast. She heads for Caroline’s “Crewtopia,” where the two must confront a lifetime of misunderstandings, secrets, and regrets or forfeit the chance to forge an authentic and emotionally fulfilling mother-daughter relationship.