“I caught a whiff of the honeysuckle that drooled along the old brick parapet and plucked a white blossom from the vine. I drew the stamen out and sipped at the bead of nectar. But it wasn’t as sweet as I remembered. It tasted like . . . change.”

Georgie Bricker

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Georgie Bricker is mortified by boys. Unfortunately, growing up in the seventies on the sleepy campus of Virginia’s Browning School for Boys with her faculty family means she is surrounded by a herd of them. Determined to focus on her path to college, she meets temptation personified when Truman Parker arrives for the fall term with eyes the blue of a peacock’s neck and a penchant for snappy salutes. Georgie is smitten. But when she’s paired for a project with bad-boy Kelly in French class at the public junior high they attend, a volatile love triangle develops, and her resolve disintegrates.

Meanwhile, Georgie and her life-long best friend Lacey are stricken to discover their Camelot-like community at Browning rife with incongruity—from an adulterous faculty affair, to drug use, to a secret closet-cache of child pornography.

Tension escalates when desegregation descends on both Georgie’s school and the Browning campus. But that situation is compounded by the report of a missing young faculty child. Fourteen-year-old Georgie’s secrets could save the day, but ultimately destroy a life. With Truman and Lacey by her side and time running out, can Georgie figure out what a woman would do in a scared girl’s situation before her relationship, her friends, and their families’ lives are forever altered?