About Your Four-Eyed Editor:  

When I was five, my mother first took me to the old ivy-robed Chattanooga Public Library. The subterranean-level children’s section, had its own—and, I was convinced, secret—entrance via a moss-spackled flight of brick steps. I can still conjure the singular musk of fabric bindings and library paste, the sighs of the radiators when it was cold outside. Seated on a blue carpet before shelves packed with scruffy plastic-wrapped spines, I discovered my love for story.

The gateway book for me was Sugarplum by Johanna Johnston. But it wasn’t long before I became hooked on harder stuff like Curious George and the Little Bear series by Else Holmelund Minarik. Eventually, biographies of famous women and Charlotte’s Web captured my heart. By age twelve, the Happy Hollisters and Nancy Drew were bffs.

When I read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for the first time at fourteen, I developed the habit of reading myself to sleep at night. Still do. Only now, it’s Women’s Fiction. Some of my favorite authors include Anna Quindlen, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Jacquelyn Mitchard, Lori Lansens, and the late-oh-so-greats Anne Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy. Try and read the work of others as often as you can. A writer who doesn’t read, is like a chef who doesn’t eat.

A former teacher of language arts, I retired early to pursue my dream of writing my own fiction. I currently serve the Women’s Fiction Writers Association as Director of Craft Education Programs. In this capacity, I have learned a great deal about the elements of strong storytelling. With the completion of my third book, I landed an outstanding literary agent. She is currently shopping my fourth novel.

If you are a developing writer of women’s fiction with a story to tell, I can help you add the magic touches that will make your manuscript more vibrant, polished, and “page-turning,” and your marketing pieces grabby, with a “look-at-me” quality.

I can help you:

  • Use rich imagery to evoke a stronger sense of place and/or time
  • Make your characters memorable by giving them personality and dimension
  • Create realistic, impactful dialogue
  • Learn to write point of view that not only differentiates characters, but is consistent and clear
  • Ensure your protagonist’s actions drive the story to the next event in each scene and chapter
  • Make sure your plot points tie back to the theme/point of the story


If you are looking to polish your writing to a professional level, Elizabeth’s service is an absolute must. She gives feedback that is expert, insightful, and detailed, and does it in such an encouraging positive way, you will fall in love with your own writing all over again! I felt infinitely more confident sending my material out into the world after applying Elizabeth’s notes. I have worked with many other editors, and she is truly one of the best!” – Laurie Batzel

“When I sent Elizabeth my first manuscript I didn’t have an agent, but after addressing her notes in depth, I am now a represented author. Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn’t make you feel small for your word choice or question your writing style–which is what some find to be the case with modern editors. Rather, she jumps inside your head, journeys through your work and knows exactly where you can play with setting imagery, character detail, or dialogue to provoke the feelings she instinctively knows you want to convey. Her gift makes me a repeat customer. I’m always confident Elizabeth will use her skills to indicate where more (or less) is needed to strengthen my story. As I finish my second novel, I’m still applying her advice to my work.”
-Susana Kuehne

“Elizabeth’s experience (as both a former teacher and author) is a real asset to her editing process. She is not only knowledgeable, but direct and encouraging. I found her creative marketing mind very helpful in writing my query letter. Highly recommended!” – Buck Barry

“Elizabeth is the kind of mentor and editor who embraces your story as if it were her own. Then, with a kind and objective eye, provides the detailed and precise critique you need to take your story to the next level! In a business that can be serious and exhausting, her sense of humor and enthusiasm for creating fictional worlds really makes Elizabeth stand out.” – Susan Miller

Finding the right editor is a bit of a Goldilocks process. Elizabeth’s ability to recognize what works in a story and what could be improved upon, her creative problem-solving in tackling a scene or chapter that is close-but-not-quite right, and her finesse in polishing a novel to a query-ready shine makes Elizabeth the perfect fit for a writer searching for someone to take a story from good to great. Her humor, patience, and dedication blend with a keen ability to drill down to word-level problem solving. I have had many good experiences with editors, but she is always my “go to” when I need the deft touch and sharp eye of an expert.” –Elizabeth Parman

“Elizabeth’s sharp insights and encouragement regarding my manuscript outline have been invaluable in helping me move forward. Her kind, generous spirit comes through in how she works. When working with an editor, you hope to find one who is both skilled and who communicates with kindness and grace. Elizabeth is just such an editor. I know the story will be much stronger because of her, and I’m truly grateful for her help.” – Angela Shupe

Client Services:

Manuscript and Marketing Critique & Revision (See option info below table.) I provide extensive suggestions and/or resources with each service.

Option 1First Page (includes two passes)  $20.
Option 2First Chapter (includes two passes)  $ .025 per word
Option 3First Three Chapters  $ .035 per word
Option 4Agent Query (includes two passes)  $35.
Option 5Synopsis (includes two passes)  $40.
Option 6One-hour phone consultation$40.

In both Options 1 & 2, I will provide line-by-line notes and feedback, as well as developmental commentary with suggestions regarding rearrangement of text, transitions, character action, pacing, flow, realistic dialogue, and so on.

Biz Notes:

Please send any questions, your preference of option, and your documents in Microsoft Word (Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced) to my email address: elizabethwafler9505@gmail.com.

My turnaround on services is generally one week.

Please make all payments through PayPal. I will email you an invoice upon completion of service.

I cannot promise that my help will land you an agent. Only timing and the climate of the current market can do that.

I can’t wait to work with you!