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When I developed my author branding I messaged my first editor–who knew my voice and work inside and out–and asked her what one word best described my writing. She said, “EVOCATIVE.” I googled the word for all of its nuances: bringing or recalling a feeling, memory, or image to the conscious mind. She had nailed my style!

Although evocative writing comes organically for me, there are ways any writer can up her/his imagery game, and insure the most immersive experience for readers. On the podcast, I love chatting with fellow evocative authors about how they use this element of the craft in their own writing. And of course, we discuss their current book releases and works in progress.

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Testimonials from guests and listeners

“Elizabeth hits the perfect balance between structure and organic conversation. She was a joy to interview with, putting me right at ease from the moment she hit record.”

–Author Kerry Chaput

“Listening to Elizabeth’s podcast interviews with fellow authors is like sitting in your favorite coffee shop and overhearing a friendly chat at the next table. It’s a lot of fun learning about the writer’s backgrounds as well as their books.”

Listener Annette Glahn

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