In my family, whenever a male cardinal soars across our path we consider it a sign that something great will happen that day.

When it comes to my writing, I am hyper attuned to those signs that affirm that my work in progress (WIP) the work of my heart & soul, will prove to be THE ONE. In 2018, I landed a dream of a literary agent with my third manuscript A CLEFT IN THE WORLD. Almost a year of submissions to publishers later, it became clear to us that CLEFT wasn’t right for the current market. It was time to focus on my new story idea TOPANGA CANYON. (Click on the novel menu of this site for a tagline description.) Oh, the bevy of signs I’ve received in the ten months I’ve labored over this book. I’ll include only a couple: walking into a room at The Library Hotel in NYC and gaping at a print of musician Miles Davis, for whom I named a beloved young character; and most extraordinarily, a D.C. bartender placing a cocktail in front of me with a tiny poem I cited in the manuscript clipped to its rim! Next week, I’m sending TOPANGA CANYON to my editor, who will read it. And hopefully, fall in love. After I revise it according to her notes, she’ll begin submitting it to publishing editors. I hope that God will grant me the desire of my heart. Send me a sign.


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