In the practice of yoga, a Drishti is a gazing point, a means for developing concentrated intention. That point might be knot in the woodgrain of the floor, a light switch, a small design detail at the top of your mat, anything stationary. Keeping your eyes on your Drishti, increases your ability to balance, to hold a strengthening pose. During a practice this week, as I stood in mountain pose on one foot, the other off the floor and held out to the side—a super challenging posture for me–my instructor Carole reminded the class to “Find your Drishti.” And then she added something that resonated with me as a metaphor for my writing goals. “The longer you can hold on,” she said quietly, “you’ll find that your determination grows and the stronger you will become.” 

Since February, my literary agent has been submitting my third manuscript, A Cleft in the World, to major publishing houses. We’ve had eight very positive and encouraging rejections and five editors are “still reading.” This week, I had an unexpected opportunity to submit (on my own) my still unpublished second novel Georgie Girl to a small press for publication in 2020. That’s next year, my friend. What a heady feeling! Because, if you’re not aware:  

The traditional publishing process moves at the pace of evolution.

Even if my agent sold A Cleft in the World tomorrow, it would likely not be released until 2021 or 2022. I was sorely tempted to take my eyes from my focal point of traditional publishing, to waver, to wobble, to cave on my dream.

I wrestled with it for about a day. And then I hopped on the phone with my agent. She reminded me that my job is to focus on the new manuscript I’ve begun, my fourth novel Topanga Canyon, while she continues to find the best home and deal for A Cleft in the World. My yoga instructor Carole’s words flitted through my mind again. The longer you can hold on, you’ll find that your determination grows and the stronger you become. What wisdom.

I’m holding on. I feel more determined and passionate about my craft than ever. With continued hard work, my writing skills will only grow stronger.

I’d love to hear about a goal you are working towards.

What’s your Drishti?


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