“Brexit” and Other Clevernesses


Brexit has had me thinking. Not only about the global economy, the plummeting of US stock, and how Britain’s debate to leave the EU has mirrored much of the political debate happening in the good old USA, but about catchwords like Brexit.

I’ve been in a love affair with words the last two years. My husband knows. Drawn to the language arts since my dalliance with Dick, Jane and Sally in kindergarten, it was not until I embarked on a full-time writing career that I began to experiment and wrestle with words, to really appreciate the interesting turns of phrases and pattern play in the writing of others.

People tell me I have a gift for using vibrant, descriptive language and rich imagery. But how are people clever enough to come up with those catchy words and phrases, the ones that get flung around like rice at a wedding? Idioms like book hangover, dejabrew, rom-com, road rage, Elvis has left the building, or kitten heel? And what makes idioms endure? Why do we still use the oldies-but-goodies like going Dutch, Benjamin, burn the midnight oil, it costs an arm and a leg, or until the fat lady sings?

What do you think? What are your fave catchwords, old or new?

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