Hotel Hair Dryers

The elusive hotel hair dryer.

Post-shower, the safari begins. Hmmm. Is it under the vanity? Nope. On a hook beside the vanity? Wrong again. Ah, there it is. Well, of course! Underneath the robe on the back of the door! In a bulging black drawstring bag that takes three hands to open.

When did hair dryers become unsightly? Or somehow indecent like one’s private parts?

What happened to the handy-dandy wall-mounted dryers? Those cool ones that turned themselves off when you pushed the handle back into the base. They’ve been replaced with dryers just like the ones we don’t want to be bothered to pack.

So mission accomplished, you leave the tool plugged in, pushed to the edge of the vanity– entirely out of anyone’s way– ready for action the next morning.

Then housekeeping makes its sweep. They make the bed and style the end of your toilet paper roll into a fetching triangle.

And stuff the hair dryer back in the bag.

And hide it again.

It’s mystifying.

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